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Oh, Christmas Wrapping

I first heard this song at the tender age of 17 over the Christmas Muzak at the local Winn-Dixie where I was working my senior year of high school. (Little did I know this soul sucking “summer job” would follow me to college and beyond and consume the next decade of my life!) For the the first few years I heard this over the Muzak, I didn’t pay much more attention to it then the rest of the generic Christmas music being force fed to us, but—and I’m not sure why or exactly when this occurred—one year I actually stopped to listen to the lyrics and realized that the song was telling an amusing story. A story of a busy single woman who has given up on love and the holidays until a strange coincidence brings her in touch with a missed connection and saves a Christmas she has resigned to spending alone with the “world’s smallest turkey.” Sure enough, the song became one of my favorites, and it was the only reason I looked forward to going back to work after Thanksgiving (when I knew they would start pumping out the holiday Muzak). 

The original song is by the Waitresses and has been covered many times since its release in 1981 (and by such luminaries as the Spice Girls and Miranda Cosgrove!). The version I have posted is a cover by the great indie band Summer Camp, and I think it really remains true to the classic 80’s vibe of the original! Enjoy!

Download: Summer Camp - Christmas Wrapping (The Waitresses Cover)

  • Track: Christmas Wrapping (The Waitresses Cover)
  • Artist: Summer Camp
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